Crochet Workshops for 2020

Crochet Workshops for 2020 kick off on Wednesday 11th March at Welholme Works.

The first of the crochet workshops for 2020 at Welholme Works are now being listed. The calendar of events starts on Wednesday 11th March with Granny Squares!

Today Granny Squares…tomorrow the blanket of your dreams!

The humble granny square is the first thing I learnt to make when I started to crochet over 7 years ago!

Once you’ve mastered the granny square there’s loads of options with where you go next. There are so many patterns for item you can make with granny squares. Fashion items, home accessories and of course the classic granny square blanket!

Will I be able to do it?

Now people, I’m no miracle worker and I definitely cannot predict the future. What I can say, is that even if you find that it isn’t your thing, I can guarantee that you’ll still have an enjoyable evening! I’ll provide you all with full colour, printed instructions, complete with step by step photos which is yours to keep. I’ll also be working through the steps with you so that you can work at your own pace. I’m on hand to answer any questions and share my hints and tips.

I don’t believe in asking you to fetch things with you to my workshops, so everything that you need is provided. All you make is yours to keep and I’ll give you all a ready made square to keep for reference! If you already have crochet hooks and you prefer to bring your own then of course that’s fine. I’ll have a varied selection of yarns to work with, but again if you have something that you particularly want to work with then that’s fine too!

Granny Square workshops are £15 per person which include the 2 hour workshop and all materials and equipment and at the end of the session you can purchase kits for you to carry on your crochet journey with at home, plus other bits and pieces!

The granny square sessions are all listed as events on Facebook and you can message via the event to confirm your place. There is always a limit to available spaces to make sure that everyone gets as much time as they need. If you want any more information about these sessions then please do get in touch!

Take a look at some of our previous crochet sessions.

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