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Focusing On Hand-Made With A Conscious Effort To Limit Machine Work

Originating from hand stitched handbags made in Manchester whilst studying for a degree in Embroidery, the focus has always been on hand made with a conscious effort to limit machine work. Finding my feet as a craft & embroidery specialist has been one heck of a journey but I bloody love it. I’m not a machine hater – I just have a real love for creating pieces of work with my hands and the connection that I then have with it.

Playful stitched pieces add a touch of quirk to your favourite spaces with a pleasing juxtaposition of the traditional skill of hand embroidery mixed up with modern designs and explosions of colour and sparkle. I’ve forever had a love for all things kitsch and twinkly, something I think I inherited from my nan.

With the eye of a magpie and a desire to experiment with bringing other traditional crafts back up to date, you’ll also find my love of crochet and all things pompom shining through my collections. I’m a firm believer that there’s nothing that cannot be improved with a bit of added ‘craft’

Meet Gemma…

I love Pompoms & embroidery!

Granny Square Day 2020 - It Started With a Stitch

Gemma wrote:

Granny Square Day 2020

Get your crochet on, It’s Granny Square Day 2020! The granny square was the first thing that I learned to… Read More »

Bespoke Wedding Decor - It Started With a Stitch

Gemma wrote:

Bespoke Wedding Decor

When I was asked to create some embroidery for some bespoke wedding decor, I obviously jumped at the chance. I… Read More »

Patreon Party - It Started With a Stitch

Gemma wrote:

I’m hosting a Patreon Party

I’m so excited to announce that I’m hosting a Patreon Party! You may or may not have heard of Patreon.… Read More »

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