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Crochet Mandalas

I recently joined a crochet group on Facebook and posted a couple of pics of some crochet mandalas that I had been making.

There’s something strangely addictive about making them, they’re easy, pretty to look at and after I’d made a couple I could hook them up without having to keep looking back at the pattern. The pattern that I’ve been using is from the lovely Lucy over at Attic24 you’ll be ‘hooked’ if you’ll excuse the pun, on her beautiful and so easy to follow patterns and tutorials)

Crochet Mandalas - Attic 24 Pattern - It Started With a Stitch

People who saw the pics loved the colours and the design but were curious as to what they were…what do you use them for? So, here goes! Now remember, I’m no expert, I merely spent some time looking through different websites at the history and background of Mandalas – there’s a wealth of information and they are so spiritually ingrained in lots of different religions that I can’t give you one definitive answer, so I’ll share the bits I like best!

Loosely translated from the the Sanskrit word for circle, comes the word ‘Mandala’ but is viewed as much more than just a circle, it’s linked to representations of the natural world around us, things like the sun, the earth, the moon and then more conceptual (big word for a Sunday morning, but stick with it) ideas like our relation to friends and family. There’s squillions and millions of pictures of differing Mandalas – loads of different styles and it seems that they are very personal to the person who has designed them.

They are used (traditionally) to focus the mind on a peaceful place where you are not bothered or fussed by mundane, everyday horribleness, things such as illness, no money, work troubles, wondering which shoes to wear, you know 🙂 you sit in a peaceful spot and look at the Mandala, at the pretty patterns and beautiful colours and just think beautiful thoughts. At a deeper level they are used to help with meditation – and this is where I feel I’ve reached my level – like I said, I’m no expert! That being said, it’s very comforting to sit amongst balls of yarn in pretty colours and work through stacks of these circular lovelies – a basic beginner level of meditation in my eyes, something calming to take your mind off the rubbish bits of the day, so actually my woolly ones, in comparison to the highly detailed drawings of thousands of years of Mandalas seem to have a similar role!

The Mandalas I think are best used somewhere where they will be seen and loved, hang them on a wall, lay them on a table or dresser, whatever makes you smile most! Check out the crochet mandalas in my shop right now, all available with free UK p&p.

Gem x

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