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It’s really easy as a sole trader with your own business to become some kind of lurky hermit and your uniform soon becomes your comfiest clobber and yes that does mean that sometimes it’s pyjamas. My wakeup call to this was one of my new customers popping round to pay for a workshop and her first meeting with me face to face was whilst I was wearing said pyjamas. As someone who’s worked in an actual shop for the last 20 years, I’d been used to stomping around in stupid gold shoes, swishy frocks and flouncy blouses. I clearly need to strike a happy medium and feel that maybe I found it the other day, my sweatshirt was artistically paint splattered yet I still had ribbon up, heeled lace boots on. Something I’ve also realised is that it’s very important to get out of the house and go and speak to people who understand your business yet work with an entirely different trade. The smallest of conversations can lead to some of the best collaborative work, a new idea or simply a realisation that you’re doing fine! My newest collaboration is with Holly, the owner and candle maker extraordinaire of Holly’s House, who, in her own words ‘pours a bloody good candle’ (she’s right, she does!). You can now find my crochet cards for Holly’s House on her website.

Crochet cards for Holly’s House

I’ve ‘known of’ Holly for a few years – one of those people who you feel like you know because you’ve seen them all over social media, and only recently actually met her in real life. She’s a total grafter, a very busy Mum and one of the most honest people I’ve ever met – I like her. After having a stall at an event Holly organised pre-Christmas, Holly approached me with regards to creating some greetings cards featuring crocheted motifs in designs that match her candle range.

I was thrilled to be asked to work on this project and after a phone call and a few Instagram messages I rocked up at Holly’s House with the end result. We drank tea, stroked dogs and had a really good natter.

Crochet Cards for Holly's House - Happy Divorce

If you’ve not yet had the chance to sample the delights of Holly’s candle scents then I suggest you give them a try, my recommendation is Prosecco & Clementine. Candles are available in smart silver tins or glass jars and if you’re more of a ‘tart burner’ then fear not – you can buy the wax melts too! Holly also offers personalisation on the candles so you can pick your favourite scent and the message that best suits the occasion. I also saw some that have recently been made for someone’s birthday – a fab idea for grown up party bags – why should kids have all the fun?

Obviously, whilst you’re over on the website choosing which scent of candle to try first, you can also pick your favourite greetings cards too, with options from Happy Birthday to Happy Divorce, there’s bound to be one for you!

Crochet cards for Holly's House - Starman

Gem x

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