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Cards & Candles

Find your tribe It’s really easy as a sole trader with your own business to become some kind of lurky… Read More »

Pudgy Heart Crochet Pattern hearts by It Started With a Stitch

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Pudgy Hearts Crochet Pattern

Looking for an easy make for Valentine’s Day this year? Check out my Pudgy Hearts Crochet Pattern for a simple… Read More »

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My award winning* Guacamole!’ve been known to feel the onset of genuine rage when I’ve gone to a supermarket to find that the… Read More »

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What can you do with the end bits?

As a serial pompom maker/crochet lady and general crafter, I tend to amass a pile of snippings. So, what can… Read More »

Crochet boobs - It Started With A Stitch

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Yep…Boobs. Crochet boobs. I’ll be honest, it’s not a topic that I ever though I’d be writing about but that… Read More »

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On Thursdays we Pompom

Thought that pompoms were just for kids? Think again – welcome to Pompoms at The Paint Box Pompoms at The… Read More »

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Seaside shoot

Living where I do, in Cleethorpes – you can often forget that there’s such a lot of nice places around.… Read More »

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What a lovely week for a wedding!

Last week was a lovely break from my proper day job, giving me more time to make some crafty bits… Read More »

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These are a few of my favourite things…

his week has been a weathery mix of hail and sunshine, welcome to Cleethorpes! A la Julie Andrews, I’m picking… Read More »

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