Free craft sessions in Grimsby

Crochet, Knit and Stitch

Knitting, crochet and stitching with It Started With a Stitch

Crochet, Knit and Stitch at Welholme Works in Grimsby, each Wednesday from 10am.

You can join me for free craft sessions in Grimsby. I’ve wanted my own studio space for so long and it’s now a very real thing! I’m all set up and raring to go, in my very own studio space within Welholme Works. The team have created a hub for people to get together, hire rooms for workshops and to generally give something back to an area that needs it.

Free craft sessions at Welholme Works

As well as having a designated workspace within the centre, I’m also hosting weekly drop-in sessions. The sessions are completely free and are open to anyone. Crochet, Knit & Stitch is a place where you can fetch a project that you’ve already started. Rather than specific craft workshops, this is a chance to work on what you love with like-minded people.

Free craft sessions in Grimsby!

It’s a chance to get out of the house and spend a bit of time doing something creative. Although if you want to just come for a cuppa and a biscuit then that’s fine too. I’ll always provide a selection of yarns, crochet hooks and knitting needles and embroidery supplies and equipment. Also with my workshop being just upstairs, if there’s something that I think you might like to have a go at – I can just nip and get it!

As a prolific crafter, I get sent quite a few different bits and bobs to try out, so there’ll always be something new for you to try if you fancy something a bit different. Currently, I have Christmas embroidery kits, pompom robins, needle punches and loads more! There’s a selection of craft magazines and books for you to look through and borrow if you’d like.

The Crochet, Knit & Stitch workshops will take place at Welholme Works weekly, Wednesdays at 10am. There’s tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits. The drop-in sessions will run until at least 12 noon each week. If you want any more information about these sessions then please do get in touch! There’s no need to book – so see you there!

You can find out more about my full crochet lessons and workshops by clicking here!

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